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Book Review: “The Almost Romantic” – Lauren Blakely

“Everyone has time for love,” my brother says. “You just have to make the time.”

The Almost Romantic – Lauren Blakely

I have to be honest, I did not expect The Almost Romantic to be this DEEP

Straight to The Review

thank you Good Girls PR and KP Simmon for the ARC ❤️

I will try to write my review as honest as possible here. I love the stories and I am all for hero and heroine supporting each other for their dreams, and this book just full of it.

→ note (before I forget to mention later lol): While once in a while I felt a pang of emotion and almost-tears, the spicy scenes were just super-hot. The whole pace goes in the cycle of motivational – emotional – steamy – lol (repeat). I think Lauren Blakely masters the art of playing with our emotion.

the almost romantic - boox illustration
Alright, here we go!

Although might seem a bit dragged at the beginning and somewhere in the middle, I enjoy the overall pace of this book. The writing style is good and I was inspired by Elodie’s love to chocolate and its puns and how she incorporate it to her business!

Ok who am I kidding. I am invested (again) in the characters.

I like that there are several more-diverse characters around the main characters. I felt frustated with Sebastian (hate him and how is he so irrational and childish??) but sometimes also with Elodie and Gage. I love LOVE the little girls and Gage’s mom (and Gage’s brother but I like his house better). Aaand I can’t not mention the girl gang and the boys, I just love stories where the friends show up and make life more interesting (if not easier actually).

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Elodie is not perfect and sometimes get to overthink a lot (which I actually can relate 🥲). My kind of FMCs are usually stubborn women with smart mouth and few snarky comments (ha!), but I found it’s great that Elodia is a badass woman without too much snark. She’s delicate while also bold in some ways, but not afraid to take actions. Oh and both the main characters are responsible. Which is crucial. Because their decision was at first viewed as rash (by me ofc) but then I can sympathize with them along the story.

Thoughts after reading this book

Reading this book gives me enjoyment, a kind of spark inside when you feel proud of being hopeful-motivated in rooting for yourself—to succeed in whatever project or business you’re doing. Though it’s actually the characters’ haha, I can get some of their fighting spirit in my life (fake marriage aside).

This is my first Lauren Blakely book, and I think I’ll look into whatever she writes before.

→ my rating: 4.75 of 5
→ spiciness level: 🌶️🌶️🌶️

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