About Me

I’m Chaty (cha.tee) – I’m a digital creator, bookish and an Indonesian mama.

I make contents on life, books, journaling, self-care, productivity, and wellness to help you enjoy life and the magical world of ✨stories✨ “Cerita” in Bahasa Indonesia means “story”.

I want to write this blog with hope that you enjoy reading stories in this blog, as I do enjoy writing them.

My main language is Bahasa Indonesia. For learning purpose and an expectation that this blog will be read by people all over the world (optimism!), I will sometimes use English. We really hope you can leave some comments directly on each post.

Grab a tea or set your comfort zone, and I hope you enjoy the “stories” in this blog, and feel free to discuss in the comment section!

Enjoy reading, have a nice day, and wish you have a good life ahead!

with love,
• Chaty •