I’m Trying An App for Meditation (Headspace Review)

I’ve been into yoga and wellness for quite some time now. As some of you may know, learning yoga often leads us to also learn about meditation. Even though those are two different exercises, both are related in training our body and mind. Meditation has been known as an effective “medicine” to train our brain to focus and be at the present moment—by not trying too hard but at ease with our mind instead.

I am not paid by Headspace to make this review (who am I anyway), this is an honest opinion after using the app for 10 days.

Early this year, my friend shared her experience in going into a 7-day Meditation Retreat during new year’s holiday. Her story sounded fun yet meaningful. I only knew meditation from some videos in YouTube (I’ll list the links at the end of this article). Having no experience in doing live meditation—I mean, with some real teachers and stuffs—I thought a meditation retreat would be a good experience for me; it will give me the “proper” knowledge and the ambiance. Unfortunately, I have no money and resources. I am now living in East Sumba, where there is (almost) no provider, as far as I know, for either meditation or yoga. The closest one would be in West Sumba, at Nihi Sumba Resort, but their package is too expensive for me.

So, in some way, the universe showed me a post in my instagram explore menu. A picture of a quote from this account called @headspace. Headspace was also posting an intastory about their latest sleepcast. I clicked at the link which lead me to Headspace website, and began to listen to their meditation for sleep recording. Only after that, I downloaded the app.

The interface is minimalist

At the beginning, I was asked what I want to overcome by doing this meditation. There are some options like “for trouble sleeping” and “personal growth”. I didn’t exactly remember anything else, but I chose the later one. The app lead me to try their “Basics” free course for 10 sessions. And I have to tell you it was good.

The Basics Course

Headspace provided a reminder for our meditation, so I can choose what time I’ll be meditating every day. I tried the basic course, and I could choose whether I want the meditation to be 3, 5, or 10 minutes. I became more discipline in doing meditation. For the first 10 sessions, I meditated every morning after salat (Subuh). It eventually becomes a new habit for me: waking up, doing morning pray, brush my teeth, meditate for 5 minutes, journaling, writing my to-do-list and begin my day. Though some days I didn’t do it in that order (haha!), but 5-minutes meditation using Headspace had some positive impact in me. I also felt that I could be at ease with my mind more easily.

Beside the daily sessions, Headspace has “Everyday Headspace” feature that allows us to listen to a custom meditation, with 3-20 minutes duration. We can track our meditation time and achievement, as well as mindful quotes at the end of each session. Sometimes I shared the quote to my insta-story if I found it to be very meaningful for me.

It also has the “mindful moment” feature, which functioned as a “mindful reminder” for 1-5 times a day. I find it useful and fun to have something to remind us to be mindful at times. Another good thing about Headspace is its animations–cute characters and insightful videos, which can be easily understood even by a beginner like me. You can check out what I mean by watching the videos at Headspace YouTube Channel first. You will also find that Headspace also provides “the knowledge” to us; what is the function of meditation, tips on meditation, how to respond to bad thought, etc. So we’re not only asked to sit down, close our eyes and listen, but also provided with some reasoning of why meditation might be good for us.

Headspace provides offline access to their content, as long as you don’t forget to tap the toggle underneath the description to enable download. But for those who has limited phone storage like me, well, you need to have a working internet connection to use Headspace.

I haven’t subscribed yet, because I haven’t budgeted my monthly expenses for subscribing Headspace. (yes, I am that frugal). I will do another follow-up review once I’ve subscribed and tried some more Headspace features. The subscribtion is rather cheap, actually, only less than Rp25.000,00 per month and it will be about Rp21.000,00 per month for annual subscription. It’s actually really cheap compared to Daily Yoga App and Calm subscription fee (sorry). I can say that it will be good pitch for me, as I am satisfied about the basic course.

So that’s my review of Headspace app, I hope it’s helpful for you! If you have tried the app, please share your thoughts on the comments below. See you next time.

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